June 15 2016

  • Cabinet approves merger of state bank associates and bharatiya mahila bank to state bank of India. After the merge SBI will have an asset value of about 37 lakh crore 
  • SBI associates, State bank of mysore, State bank of hyderabad,  State bank of travancore, State bank of patiala and State bank of jaipur and bikaner 
  • According to NITI aayog’s vice chairman Aaravind panagariya India will cross 8% economic growth during current fiscal year 
  • Bank Board chairman is Vinod Rai 
  • R. N Choubey is Civil Aviation Secretary 
  • Indian cricket team made clean sweep in Zimbabwe by defeating them by 3-0 at their home 
  • Peter Thomson, the president of 71 st session of UN general assembly belongs to Fiji 
  • The China govt appealed to its citizens to donate the sperm of male population between age group of 20-45
  • Connecting the unconnected and serving the unserved is the moto of the civil aviation policy as govt makes flying easier and cheaper 
  • Indian post gears up to begin “ganga jal” Holy water of ganga river service /deliver 
  • Vidyanjali: is the app launched  by HRD ministry which can be used to register for volunteer work to govt schools 
  • Isro will launch Cartosat – 2c an earth imaging satellite of submetre resolution and meant purely for armed forces 
  • ISA international Sea-bed authority is an United nation body which organises and controls activities in the seabed 
  • Malabar : naval exercise between USA and Japan 
  •  NSG : nuclear supplier group aims to prevent the proliferation of nuclear weapons by restricting the sale of items that can be used to make those arms

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