June 17 2016

  • Duraiappah stadium is in srilanka – renovated by India
  • PSLV C34 will put 20 satellites in the same orbit on June 22nd from Sriharikota isro’s launching station
  •  Essar group – it is group/company responsible for tapping the phone calls of VIP of our country
  •  Non resident Indians can now open national pension scheme (NPS) account online.
  • Gulbarg is a place in Gujarat..
  • Air Ambulances- helicopter emergency medical services (HEMS) are to be used at accident and emergency sites without operational clearances.
  • Governor of RBI Raghuram rajan announced that he would not continue to head RBI for second term.
  • Mohana Singh, Avan Chaturvedi, Bhawana Kanth are India’s first women fighter pilots.
  • Indian hockey team settles for Silver medal in its best ever finish in champions trophy in London..
  • Tata group plans to bring 10 million students on digital platform by 2025.
  • Brexit term related to probable exit britain from European union polling, which will take place on June 23.
  • India’s tea output rose 3% compared to last fiscal year

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