June 30 2016

  • The world bank announced 1 billion dollar in support to India’s ambitious solar generation plan
  • 2017 shooting world cup finals to be held in India
  • Core sector growth is 2.8% in may
  •  Eight core sectors are 1.Coal, 2.Crude oil, 3.Natural gas, 4.Refinery products, 5.Fertilisers, 6.Steel, 7.Cement and 8.Electricity
  • Rajnikanths kabali movie poster will be painted on one of the aircraft of air Asia
  • Rodrigo duterte sworn in as president of Philippines 
  • India has successfuly test fired surface to air middle ‘barak-8’
  • Nanda kishore is elected as deputy CAG(comptroller and auditor general) 
  • The model shops and establishment bill 2016 is passed,  now shops, cinema halls etc can be  open for 24×7  hrs throughout the year 
  • Varunastra is India’s first indigenous torpedo 
  • Touch Id is related to standard chartered back 

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