July 11 2016 

  • Juba is the capital of South Sudan
  • Cristiano Ronaldo led Portugal won euro football 2016 by defeating France by1-0
  • Euro 2016 was held in France
  • Therasa will become next prime minister of Britain after brexit
  • Committee to look over the issue of one rank one pension (orop) is headed by koshyari
  • Jul 11th is celebrated as world population day
  • zakir naik is head of TV channel peace TV
  • Bangladesh bans zakir naiks peace TV 
  • NASA’S mars reconnaissance orbiter has found thin layer of carbon dioxide  ice in mars 
  • Sanjay gupta is named as CMD of konkan railway cooperation limited 
  • Amal dutta veteran Indian footballer passed away 
  • Lewis Hamilton won British grand prix
  • Andy Murray won his  2nd wimbledon title 
  • Aditya puri CEO OF HDFC has been named as best banking CEO in Asia 

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