July 18 2016

  •  SC stands by lodha panel report to revamp cricket 
  • Nitendra singh rawat Indian marathon player for rio Olympics
  • Japanese based soft bank group Corp buys chip designer ARM for 32 billion dollar
  •  Recep Tayyip erdgon is president of Turkey
  •  Peter Thomson is elected as president of United nations general assembly
  •  Pranab Mukherjee received highest civilian award by ivory coast
  • Mudrarakshsha hindi writer passed away
  • Swach bal sena is the group formed by puduchery govt to monitor elders not to litter monitoring is done by Children’s
  • World’s first hospital on train life like express completes 25 yrs
  • Courage and commitment is the autobiography of Margaret alva
  • Uttharakhand launched first industrial Park for women
  • Operation golden nose is related to prevent terror attack on Parliament
  • Ministry of skill development has launched  online skill training portal
  • India’s first e court opened in hyderabad
  • India beat South Korea in davis cup
  •  Govt unveils fourth tranche of sovereign gold bond

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