Sep 03 2016

  • Chilli grenades grenades will replace pellet guns in kashmir Valley by military personnels
  • India extended a 500 million dollar line of credit to Vietnam and signed 12 agreements 
  • INS Trikand hands over relief material to Madagascar 
  • US and China ratify Paris climate deal. The pact aims to limit global temperature rise to within 2 degree Celsius 
  • Samsung electronics Co Ltd recalled all galaxy note 7 smartphones equipped with batteries it has found for prone and halted it’s sales 
  • Anil khanna, the president of the Asian tennis Federation and vice president of the international tennis Federation is elected as life president of the all India tennis association 
  • World’s oldest fossil found in Greenland its 3.7 billion years old
  • Michel tremer is Brazil’s new president 
  • Carnatic singer T M krishna and campaigner for eradication of manual scavenging Bezwada Wilson awarded with raman magsaysay award 
  • AK sinha committee is appointed to study  the slit in river ganga in Bihar 
  • Reliance India limited to create 5000 crore venture capital  fund to help young entrepreneurs in the country 
  • Union bank of India has launched unstructured supplementary service data (USSD) based *99# mobile application. It does not require Internet connectivity to perform banking activities 

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