Sep 09 2016

  • North Korea has successfuly tested a nuclear warhead that could be mounted on a missile
  • Zakir Naik’s NGO Islamic research foundation has been put under the ‘prior permission category’ by the Home ministry 
  • Najeeb jung is lieutenant governor of Delhi 
  • 10th Asia cadet judo championship is held in Kochi 
  • PepsiCo CRO and chairman Indira Nooyi is ranked second in the Fortune’s ’51 most powerful women’s’  list. Mary Bara CEO and chairman of general motors tops the list 
  • Gujarat governor O P Kohli takes additional charge of Madhya Pradesh 
  • Laser interferometer gravitational wave observatory (LIGO) lab  is to be developed in Higoli district of maharastra 
  • Majuli district  in assam is world’s largest river island 
  • ICC- international cricket committee withdraws two tier test match proposal 
  • RBI canceled registration of Simco consultants, Lunkad securities, Rajvir marketing and investments,crystal investments and  jaya investment agency. These are non banking financial companies 
  • Pankaj Advani became first Indian cueist from India to win Bronze medal at the prestigious Sangsom 6 Red snooker world championship at Bankok 

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