Oct 2 2016

  • Mexico’s Colima volcano has erupted ,its also known as fuego or Fire
  • Indian American professor Vinaya Manchaian has been recently named as the future leader of audiology
  • Oct 2 , Gandhi Jayanthi is Oserved as International day of non-Violence is world wide .
  • Bahubali fame Telugu actor to get wax statute at Madame Tussauds , Bangkok
  • Delhi police has launched mobile App for senior citizens
  • Skava commerce  its the mobile-first and modular e-commerce platform that delivers engaging omni-channel experiences
  • SBI has announced to launched a special financing scheme called Hope Loans.Under this scheme the customers can avail credit facility at lower rates
  • RBI has said that the lenders can publish photographs of those borrowers in the newspapers who have been declared as defaulters as per RBI guideliness
  • China’s currency YUAN has joined IMF’s Reserve currency club.It will become the fifth member of the IMF Special Drawing rights Basket
  • SBI Chairman Arundhati Bhattacharya has got one year extension

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